Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Educational app for the little English language learners

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Educational app for the little English language learners

Teach your child the English alphabet with these 6 fun activities! This educational app is intended for toddlers and preschoolers. It includes:

Animated interactive flashcards activity with bright colors and captivating sounds;

- Matching letters activity where the child is learning letters and words via unique 
game - style learning technique;

- Two activities for letter tracing – BOTH capital and lowercase letters;

- And also two activities for testing the knowledge of what has been already learned.

There are 67 words with many colorful images and entertaining sounds included  throughout different activities – some of them long but most of them short (words with up to four letters), letting the child pick up the words and the abstract symbols of the alphabet easily.

- No ads, no in-app purchases and no special permissions requested(I strongly discourage placing advertisements in games targeted at children. Clearly they wouldn't understand that this is an ad so having them, especially in apps targeted at children ages 5 and under, should be banned).

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