Sunday, September 17, 2017

Before we knew the alphabet


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Today fewer people use pen and paper to write - we all have our phones, and lately you could just talk to Siri or Alexa, or whoever you have there without using hand movements at all. But developing the fine motor skills is not just important for pretty handwriting: researchers have found out that fine motor skills in kindergarten were a predictor for reading and math achievement during elementary school.

Before attempting to learn the letters of the alphabet, you should sit down with your child and try to see how well he or she does on tracing simple patterns. The younger the child, the simpler the patters should be (straight lines for the 2 years old and may be zig-zags, circles and more complicated forms for the 3 year olds). 
There are many free printables out there and you also can use those four in PDF format. 

P.S. Please consider the environment before printing - use recycled paper!